Taking The Time

We are currently looking for people that identify as being 'from' or 'of' Lancaster & Morecambe.

Taking The Time by Gillian Jane Lees and Adam York Gregory is a large-scale, multi-participatory project that looks at how we experience time.

We have a survey for people that identify as being 'from' or 'of' Lancaster & Morecambe. We recognise that sometimes your house and your home may be different places. If you are unsure, please feel free to fill in the form anyway.

The data from this form will be anonymous and will be used for the Taking the Time project in order to create an art work that will be shown in between the 18th and 20th December 2019 at the Herbarium in Lancaster.

Over 24 Hours, artists Adam York Gregory and Gillian Jane Lees will set an alarm on a digital watch for 1440 residents of Lancaster & Morecambe that have responded to this survey.

Each alarm will represent someone's answer to the question, 'What specific time of the day, or night, is important to you?'.

The resulting sculpture will then be left in place for a further 24 hours, creating a sonic landscape of the people of Lancaster and Morecambe's relationship with time.

We are currently looking for participants for the Lancaster & Morecambe version of Taking The Time… if you consider yourself to be ‘of’ or ‘from’ Lancaster & Morecambe, you can participate by letting us know your important time of the day here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with the artists at, contact@aworkinghypothesis.co.uk

Posted on 30th Oct, 2019