TEST Residency: On Data and Art announcement

Artists and academics have now been selected for our next TEST Residency: On Data and Art, that will take place in the week of 22 January to the 26 January. This unique programme will explore the interaction between art and data to address pressing social justice issues, and to enhance the understanding, interpretation and applications of data and artistic practice.   

Selected artists are Stevie Ronnie, an artist from Newcastle, who works across film, poetry and installation, and Manchester based Jenni Jackson, an Anglo-Bolivian artist whose practice includes dance, martial arts, live art and sports spectacle. Ronnie has a background in computer science and Jackson is interested in the ethics of data collection. The artists will collaborate during the residency week with six academics at Lancaster University working within Sociology, Medicine and the Environment Centre. 

Alongside the residency, we will bring artists, academics and other data users together in a Creative Gathering, to broaden our thinking around the potential of data and art to shed light on and humanise some of the key social justice issues of our time.   

The residency will culminate in a sharing/discussion event, creatively documented by visual artist Lowri Evans.   

If you would like to find out more about this residency and the attached events, please contact Creative Producer Alice Booth alice@lancasterarts.org 

Posted on 19th Jan, 2024