17OPEN | Quarantine: Winter

Winter. is a delicate portrait of Mandy King-Holmes made by filmmamkers Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul when she was in the last months of her life. 

“Without even being conscious of it, we all, effectively, stop living like we’re supposed to live. Really. Y’know, you take for granted that there’s next summer, or there’s next year, or… you take it for granted that that time is yours…”

 Mandy is 50 years old. She lives in York, has two children and four dogs. Mandy also has terminal lung cancer.

Winter. is a delicate portrait of Mandy King-Holmes, made by filmmakers Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul, when Mandy was in the last months of her life.  The film – created in widescreen triptych form – approaches the ways in which Mandy’s knowledge of time running out affects how she deals with the everyday, impacts upon her plans for the future and her reflection on her own history.

Winter. was premiered at Easter 2016 as part of Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring., Quarantine’s extraordinary quartet of performance and film about our relationship with time.  

This screening will be followed by a discussion

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...quietly, determinedly brilliant.
Andrew Haydon, The Stage

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Approx 90 mins
Peter Scott Gallery (Exhibitions)



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May 2017
Thu 18
  • 16:00 - 17:30
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