Body Of Light

A seamless landscape of flowing image, where graphics bend effortlessly around the arcs of a live dancer. A very human journey into the world of technology.

Take one finely tuned body, one home-gaming device and three creative minds, mix vigorously and see what happens. The result: a seamless landscape of flowing imagery, where the body’s movements translate into sweeping brushstrokes, and the boundaries of flesh and pixel blur into one.

Running Time
30 mins show time plus 30 min stay and play

This event is presented as part of the North West's Big Imaginations Children's Festival.


Event Details

Approx 60 mins

Body of Light

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Tickets will go on sale from mid-August 2017.
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Darren Pritchard's 'Body Of Light' - blending dance and projection - comes to Lancaster Arts on Saturday 21st October.