Chroma Chamber Ensemble: Earth

Christopher Austin - Conductor
Joanna Songi - Soprano
Avi Avital - Mandolin

MARCUS BARCHAM-STEVENS Dhyana - Songs for soprano and ensemble
DAVID BRUCE Eye of Night
SIMON HOLT Shadow Realm
DAVID BRUCE North Wind Was a Woman

EARTH is a programme for soprano and ensemble based on natural forces, with moving melodies sung by the Wind, the Night, the Moon, the Snow and the Mountain (inspired by French medieval song and Strauss) from David Bruce. The concert also features a new piece from Marcus Barcham-Stevens inspired by Mahler's "Das Lied von der Erde" which celebrates its centenary this year.

“You ask what my soul does away in the sky,
I inwardly smile but I cannot reply;
Like the peach-blossom carried away by the stream,
I soar to a world of which you cannot dream.”

Podium Lecture 1.00pm
Pre-Concert Talk 6.45pm

The piece was one of the most smashing successes for a new work I have seen in a long time. A prolonged ovation brought musicians and composer to the stage time and again before the intermission.
David Finckel, CMS Blog on The North Wind Was a Woman

Event Details

Approx 120 mins
Lancaster International Concert Series

Chroma Ensemble

3 November 2011. 7.30pm Great Hall.