Donna Rutherford: Kin

KIN explores the fear, sorrow, anger and guilt, but also the love and laughter to be found as middle-aged people negotiate their changing relationship with their parents. In moving close-ups, performers reveal concerns of their own ageing while dealing with their parents’ increasingly glacial pace of life.

Performers Richard Gregory (Quarantine), Tim Ingram Reckless Sleepers), Cathy Naden and Claire Marshall (Forced Entertainment) and actor Alison Peebles are linked during a live performance by Donna Rutherford.

Donna Rutherford is running a workshop during the afternoon before the show (2-5pm).  Further details are available here.

A powerful meditation on the shifting dynamics that seep into the relationship between middleaged children and elderly parents.” [4 stars]
The Herald

Event Details

Approx 80 mins
Nuffield Theatre
Age Restriction:
To see this event you must be 14 or over

Donna Rutherford