Fine Art Degree Show – Under Construction

Third year BA (Hons) Fine Art students at Lancaster University will showcase their hard work in the Final Degree Show ‘Under Construction’ taking place in June 2018 in the Peter Scott Gallery.

When spaces are under construction they are transient, dynamic and full of potential, a state which parallels the ebb and flow of our work and our development through university. This state also reflects our studios, generally closed and shielded as we work at all hours of the day and night but opened to present the culmination of three years of work from 45 students and the foundations of much more to come. Informed by artists and movements before us, we also acknowledge the art world with our title as something constantly shifting and developing, building on and developing that which has come before. Our practices divert into several routes, though we recognise that our different media and processes are not divisive but diverse.

We hope visitors will enjoy ‘Under Construction’ in the knowledge that this is a truly collaborative show and a celebration of our support for one another as we come together to present our work.

  • Dates
  • 30 Jun 2018
  • Location
  • Peter Scott Gallery
  • UK
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