Shifting Currents Exhibition

Shifting Currents is a new exhibition at the Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster Arts. The exhibition explores water, the Lancaster Arts theme of 2021, as a time-agent. Paintings and works on paper, specially selected from the university’s art collection, explore both water as a means of observing the flow of time, and its ability to inspire memories of moments in time.

Featured works include Morecambe Ice Flow – Morecambe Bay Stone – Scaur Glen Snowball by Andy Goldsworthy, which harnesses the movement of water to draw using rusty pigments. Seabird Scrap is a time-capture from Norman Adam’s trips to the coasts of Scarp with his family, and Terry Frost’s Walking Down the Quays, St Ives attempts to describe evening walks with his young son.

Lining up with COP26 in Glasgow, and worldwide declarations of climate crisis, Rebecca Chesney’s work features botanical subjects, and asks us to think about growth and natural cycles reliant on clean and biodiverse currents.

On 4 November is a unique opportunity to experience live dance in the gallery. When You Light a Candle, You Also Cast a Shadow is a new performance work about the global climate crisis by Company Carpi, created by choreographer Bettina Carpi and composer Gary Lloyd. It features a trio of dancers and a string quintet and is the inspiration for specially written poetry by Costa Award winner Dr Mary Talbot.

You are warmly invited to join us on October 26 at the Exhibition Opening at 6.30pm, followed by New Art Club’s performance of Cupid’s Revenge at 8pm.

Our upcoming series of online talks sees artists respond to the question: What is the relationship between your practice and time? The theme of the Tuesday Talks 2021/22 programme in collaboration with Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts is Time: duration | repetition | age & ageing and starts on 26 October 2021. 

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  • Dates
  • 27 Oct - 14 Dec 2021
  • Location
  • Peter Scott Gallery
  • UK