Theatre, Democracy and Imagination

Workshop with The Bare Project

This workshop is a practical investigation of the role of theatre in creating real democratic spaces. More and more, we are taught to look out for our own personal interests, rather than to be citizens working towards ambitions that benefit everyone. Capitalism is put forward as the only sensible way of running a country and alternatives are regularly written off as idealistic fantasies. With this in mind, this workshop asks: what can the role of theatre be in changing the world?

This workshop will be led by Malaika Cunningham (Artistic Director of The Bare Project and PhD Candidate with the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity). In this 2 hour workshop, she will be using Theatre of the Oppressed technique to open up discussions about democracy, theatre and the political role of imagination.

  • Location
  • The Nuffield Theatre
  • Lancaster. LA1 4YW.
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