Helios Theater: H20

It is dripping and flowing, bubbling, fizzling and purling.
It is one single drop; it is stormy rain and an endless ocean.

Water surrounds us every day. Running out of taps, shooting out of garden hoses, carrying us in the swimming pool or feeding us in soup. The human body is composed of up to 75% water. H2O invites the audience to experience water in all its visual and acoustic glory.

Performers: Michael Lurse, Matthias Damberg, Holger Queck
Music: Roman D. Metzner
Scenography: Michael Lurse

Presented as part of the Big Imaginations Festival 2013 

Children tickets available from just £5.

Before, and after, each production there will be special activities for children who attend including: colouring in, free squash, and family discounts on our delicious cake!

Event Details

Approx 30 mins
The Nuffield Theatre
Age Restriction:
To see this event you must be 2 or over

Helios Theater

Suitable for Children 2 years+. Helios Theater present H20 at the Nuffield Theatre on 26th October 2013.