Jamie MacDonald: Designated Driver

Foot to the floor comedy courtesy of ‘That Funny Blind Guy’. Irreverent, hilarious stories from the Glaswegian you don’t want driving you home. The master story teller has uncovered conspiracies about humiliating products for the blind plus he’s disproportionately jealous of smug lab mice with 20 20 vision. It’s topical humour with a disabled slant. Charming, disarming eye opening comedy.

not afraid to milk his disability★★★★★ Broadway Baby

'Consistently hilarious★★★★★ Ed Fest

Pure wit and confidence★★★★ The Skinny


Event Details

Approx 70 mins

Jamie MacDonald

Ticket Information 

8pm, Friday 2 February 2018
Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster.

Booking & Event Times

February 2018
Jamie MacDonald presents his stand up comedy