Michael Pinchbeck: The Beginning

Taking place somewhere between a rehearsal and a performance, dreaming and being awake, The Beginning asks how we might begin a career, a relationship, a life or a show. A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets the mesmerising music of Serge Gainsbourg in this tender love letter to theatre that addresses the unwritten contract between performers and an audience.

The Beginning is the second in a trilogy of work inspired by Shakespearean stage directions by the award-winning writer and performance maker Michael Pinchbeck. Because he has promised never to perform again, Michael has invited Nicki Hobday and Ollie Smith to help him to remember how it feels to perform for the first time.

The Beginning asks us to reassess how we watch a play
The Stage

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Nuffield Theatre

Michael Pinchbeck

Michael Pinchbeck presents 'Beginning'. 

Live at LICA (Lancaster)
27 February 2013.