Quarantine: Wallflower

Can you remember every dance you’ve ever danced?

The people on stage in Wallflower are trying to remember every dance they’ve ever danced. Some of them are professional dancers, some are not. Some might tell you that they can’t dance at all.

There are memories of dancing alone all night at a party; of whirling across the stage at the Paris Opera Ballet; of silently, slowly revolving with a new lover on a canal boat at night; of a repeated tic - a bodily habit that feels like dancing; of walking alongside their mother; of racing with a dog across a beach; of dizzily spinning children; of weeping and dancing; of hitting the mark for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker...

Every dance is added to an ever-expanding archive, a vast record of hundreds of memories exhibited alongside the performance that begins with dances from early rehearsals and always ends with the last dance...

Quarantine are internationally acclaimed for creating theatre out of everyday life.

“lo-fi, freewheeling and rather brilliant” ★★★★
London Evening Standard

Event Details

Approx 90 mins


Event Information

8pm, Thursday 28 February 2019
Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster
01524 594151


Photo Credit Simon Banham