The Bare Project: On The Outskirts of a Large Event

An iceberg arrives at a tropical island. The inhabitants search for someone to blame for the unlikely visitor; this is a place where scapegoating is a reflex. On the Outskirts of a Large Event mixes cinematic projection, surround sound and spoken word to form a piece of theatre as strange and bright as a lump of ice. The Bare Project is a Sheffield based theatre and interactive arts company who want to push our sense of what is real and unreal.

This performance is a scratch version of the piece following a two-week rehearsal period. Feedback from the audience would be very helpful to help guide us in our final week of rehearsals!

Event Details

The Bare Project

Scratch Performance 

8pm, Tuesday 13 February 2018
Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster.

Booking & Event Times

February 2018
Tue 13
A scratch theatre performance from The Bare Project. 13 February 2018. Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster.