The Schubert Ensemble

BRAHMS Piano Quartet in C minor
JOE CUTLER Slippery Music
DVORAK Piano Quintet

The Schubert Ensemble has established itself over 28 years as one of the world’s leading exponents of music for piano and strings. There is a beautiful repertoire for the combination and the works on tonight’s programme by Dvorak and Brahms represent two of the most masterly examples.

The Ensemble has not only carved its reputation based on these classic pieces, but has also played a vital role as commissioners of many new works. Slippery Music by Joe Cutler premiered last year at the Cheltenham International Festival - a lively, virtuosic and fun centrepiece to this evocative and captivating programme.

Pre-Concert Talk 6.45pm

Event Details

Approx 120 mins
Lancaster International Concert Series

Schubert Ensemble

The Schubert Ensemble
24 November 2011. 7.30pm Great Hall