Theatre 42: Nothing is Coming the Pixels are Huge

Theatre 42: Nothing is Coming, the Pixels are Huge
Tuesday 25 October

In this uncanny graveyard of pixelated memories, this imagined future seems all too close for comfort…
Using two projectors and 250 cardboard boxes, five actors construct and play out fragments of 1,000 different lives. Rummaging through the building blocks of their existence, they recall and recreate them with the only material at their disposal – pixels. In this visually compelling piece of contemporary storytelling, the characters wade through their memories, forget who they are and remember what it is to be human.

Lancaster University graduate company Theatre 42 presents a dystopian depiction of the increasingly prominent role of technology in our everyday lives.


Event Details

Approx 60 mins

Theatre 42

Preview Tickets

Unreserved Seating. £9-£5
Nuffield Theatre

Nothing Is Coming The Pixels Are Huge - Preview at the Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster. 25 October 2016