Theatre Hullabaloo & Theatr Iolo: Luna

An enchanting first theatre experience about friendship, the moon and being brave in the dark.

Up in the sky, Luna has no-one to play with. She is surrounded by stars, but they never quite understand her. In his bedroom, Billy is hiding from the night time shadows, with only his favourite toy Pig to help him overcome his fear of the dark. If only they could find each other, what wondrous adventures could be had…

With original live music, this captivating play about friendship and bravery is a wonderful introduction to theatre for young children.

Took my son to see Luna today and it was just magical. His very first trip to a theatre and it has set a high bar!
Audience Member

Event Details

Theatre Hullabaloo

Ticket & Booking Information

11am & 1.30pm Wednesday 28 November
Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University
£8 - £6

01524 594151
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Production Photograph from Luna by Theatre Hullabaloo & Theatr Iolo. Lancaster Arts, 28 November 2018.