Tuesday Talk: Anat Ben David

Join artists, thinkers and curators to explore an aspect of their practice in a lunch-hour. Visiting speakers shape the form of their talk, so you can expect anything from in-depth discussion to a live performance.


Part of pop-punk-performance art pioneers, Chicks on Speed, Anat Ben David is an interdisciplinary artist working across live performance and installation. Anat describes her artistic practice as OpeRaart, a combination of sound, voice, language and image.

Anat writes, "Primarily, my interest lies in the relationship between different elements occurring in an event where; text, sound and digital image, are mediated through improvisation and performance. The fundamental question in an artwork that includes different mediums and different systems within it is: what are the foundational concepts that underpin the various components, enabling them to develop into a coherent whole – the OpeRaArt. Performance occurs at many levels in OpEraArt, performance also functions as a mechanism that activates and shapes the work that arises out of the interactions of different systems."

Anat Ben David’s work reaches towards these other worlds with disarming frankness. A soft machine for the production of new myths, as engaging as it is unsettling.
Robert Barry, reviewing MeleCh at Stanley Picker Gallery, 2014

Event Details

Approx 50 mins
Jack Hylton Room

Free, no need to book

Anat Ben David © Hydar Dewachi