Tuesday Talk with Louise Giovanelli and Vivian Greven

Join artists, thinkers and curators to explore an aspect of their practice in a lunch-hour. 


Both Louise Giovanelli and Vivian Greven are interested in the act of looking. Giovanelli takes painting itself as her primary subject, re-presenting fragments from historical and contemporary paintings in her own work. Greven also takes inspiration from classical art, reworking Greco-Roman bodies and faces in a contemporary style.


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The Spring 2019 Tuesday Talks series also features Chris DruryImogen StidworthyKatrina Palmer and Yu-Chen Wang. 

Presented in collaboration with Fine Art Department, Lancaster University. 

Event Details

Approx 90 mins
Jack Hylton Room

Free, just turn up. 

Louise Giovanelli, ‘Ambia’ - 2018, oil on canvas, 118 x 82 cm