A Walk for Grief: A Permanent Sound Walk for Lancaster

A Walk for Grief: A Permanent Sound Walk for Lancaster


A Walk for Grief is a sensitive and reflective outdoor artwork that connects with the grief that many of us are experiencing at this time. Wearing headphones, you’ll be guided through the streets of Lancaster as you experience a gentle conversation with local women, from different backgrounds, on loss, grief and tenderness.

This immersive audio walk is part of arts project A Home For Grief and is made to support people who are grieving for others. Lancaster Arts commissioned A Home for Grief in 2018. We have continued to work closely with Fabiola and are delighted her work can now have a permanent presence in the streets of Lancaster through this new Sound Walk.

This is a beautiful experience, and very emotional. The grief I carry is for two miscarriages, so it is for life not lived, and a lost future. There is little ritual around these losses, so thank you for creating a space to hold it’. (audience member, A Home for Grief).Click here for a visual representation of these instructions on how to find the walk. We recommend wearing suitable footwear and clothes for the weather. If you would like to, bring along a flower, a ribbon and a piece of chalk so you can decorate your walk alongside Fabiola.

How to Access the Walk:
You will need a smartphone and a pair of headphones (ideally over-ear) to access this walk. The walk is live on the GoJauntly App, accessible at any time of the day or night. You can download the app for free HERE. Once you have downloaded the app, search for the walk like this:

  • On the top of the front page of the app, there is a search line that says Where would you like to walk? Search for 'A Walk for Grief'
  • Underneath the search line, there is an option to search: By Places, or By Walk Names
  • Click on By Walk Names
  • Click on A Walk for Grief by fsantana
  • Follow the instructions on your screen, and those you hear through your headphones

Other things to be aware of:

  • Please take care when moving around the city and remain aware of your surroundings and any hazards when immersed in the work
  • A gentle word of caution – this piece explores grief.  The women who you will hear on your walk have experienced grief and loss and talk about this openly.  You may find this triggering, especially if you have experienced a recent loss.  If you need support during your grieving process, there is support available locally.  Please see here.
  • If you would like to ask any questions about this walk, have problems accessing it or think you’ll require more support to access it, please get in touch with producers@lancasterarts.org


  • The walk includes 20 mins walking, 20 mins standing and 10 min sitting, and you should take it at a slow pace
  • The route is not fully accessible to wheelchair users and may be tricky for those who have difficulty walking
  • You can, however, access the piece as a sound experience only, from home, perched under a tree or seated looking out over the river Lune


Created: Fabiola Santana & Will Dickie
Performed: Fabiola Santana
Dramaturgy & Sound design: Will Dickie
Design: Hanna Tuulikki
Images: Darren Andrews
Commissioned by Lancaster Arts in association with Unity Theatre and Contact
A special thank you to the contributing speakers for all their wisdom & generosity:  Christine, Nicky, Shaheda, Elham, Gina, Karina, Chell, Nush, Michelle, Debi

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


1 hour (a slow walk through the city, starting at Lancaster Library in Market Square, heading down by the river and up the steep hill towards The Priory and ending towards where you started).